Juicy bifteki

Ingredients for 4 servings

FITAKI White Cheese 75 g

Stale bread rolls 2

Fresh parsley 1 bunch

Onion 1

Mince (beef) 500 g

Eggs 2

Olive oil or vegetable oil for frying 2 tablespoons

Salt and pepper to taste


  • 1 Soak the bread rolls in water.
  • 2 Rinse the parsley and chop finely.
  • 3 Peel the onion, cut into cubes and fry in oil.
  • 4 Mix all ingredients well, except for the FITAKI White Cheese.
  • 5 Put a 20 × 30 cm sheet of aluminium foil on your work surface, spread one quarter of the mince on it in the form of a 10 × 10 cm square. Place one quarter of the FITAKI White Cheese in the centre of the mince and use the foil shape it into an oblong cutlet.
  • 6 Heat the oil in the frying pan and fry the cutlets on medium heat on both sides.
Instead of onion, you may use green onion cut into thin rings. Prior to working with the mince, moisten your hands with some water – then the meat will not stick to your fingers.

Author: FITAKI