Panzanella (Italian bread salad)

Panzanella is an ancient dish from the Italian province of Tuscany. Traditionally, this meal is prepared by using stale bread or croutons. This popular Italian meal can be served as a starter or side dish.

Ingredients for 4 servings

FITAKI in Oil 150 g

White bread 4 slices

Garlic, crushed 2 cloves

Balsamic vinegar 3 teaspoons

Cherry tomatoes 500 g

Peppers (red, yellow and green) 3

Fresh basil 6 leaves

Red onion 1

Salt and pepper to taste


  • 1 Separate any soft pieces of bread from the crusts and cut it into cubes. Gently fry the cubes in the frying pan with a small amount of olive oil until they are golden and then allow to cool.
  • 2 Mix the oil from the FITAKI in Oil jar, the balsamic vinegar and the garlic in a bowl and add the cubes of fried bread. Leave for several minutes so that the bread can soak up the sauce.
  • 3 At the same time, cut the tomatoes into quarters, the onion into half rings and the pepper into strips. Add the cut vegetables along with the cheese to the bread and mix well.
  • 4 Cut the basil leaves into thin strips and sprinkle them on the salad. Season with salt and pepper.
In order to prepare the panzanella correctly, only one thing is important: the balance between the sauce and the amount of the bread. The bread must be thoroughly soaked so that no dry bits of bread remain. If desired, you may also add capers, olives or prawns to the salad.

Author: FITAKI