Pancakes a la Mediterranean

Every cook has a proven pancake recipe loved by the entire household. We offer you the following as an opportunity to ‘diversify’ your fillings and to try something new:

Ingredients for 3–4 servings

FITAKI Original 200 g

Fresh figs, sliced 3 slices

Honey to taste

Pistachios to taste


  • 1 Make the pancakes and put them on the plate on which they will be served. Put slices of FITAKI cheese on the still hot pancakes, pour over some honey and decorate them with the figs and pistachios.
Thanks to the wide assortment of products from FITAKI, a simple meal such as pancakes can be varied by adding – depending on your taste – either sweet or savoury fillings. Try combinations of products from FITAKI with other ingredients. Sometimes the most unexpected combinations give simply unforgettable taste sensations!

Author: FITAKI